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Poshly Precision

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Poshly Precision enables brands to reach the right consumers every time in sample and product trial campaigns. Unlike sample subscription companies, Poshly gives brands full control over the number and type of products sent, as well as the physical and lifestyle criteria of the recipient consumers. Poshly manages the logistics of every campaign, while fully accommodating each brand’s strategic messaging requirements, and takes an integrated approach whenever possible by incorporating email marketing and ecommerce codes to bolster the ROI of each campaign.

Poshly Insights

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In the age of the Internet, beauty trends move faster than ever. Today’s beauty professionals must be armed with facts and figures that are up-to-date and hyper-relevant to their products.

Poshly Insights is the first real-time data platform for the beauty industry. We leverage millions of consumer insights on Poshly about physical attributes, lifestyle characteristics, product preferences, and more to deliver unprecedented real-time analytics to power beauty brand decision-making.

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Poshly Giveaways

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Poshly Giveaways at are an effective and fun way to connect with Poshly’s members. Giveaways require low inventory from brands, while providing immense promotional impact.