Poshly is Your Consumer Intelligence Solution.

How do you stay in front of consumer trends that move at the speed of light? Poshly empowers brands with real-time access to actionable consumer data across beauty, personal care, health, wellness and more.

|How Consumers Engage with Poshly


Poshly's members are passionate, influential and highly engaged

They join Poshly to learn about new products, provide information about themselves, and receive products based on their individual data. They discover Poshly on social media, by word-of-mouth, and from premium publishers and brand partners.


Members answer thousands of custom Q&As from brands

Consumers answer questions through fast, fun quizzes. Our 400,000+ members have collectively answered more than 15,000,000 questions, and match US Census representation across ethnicity, household income, education and more.


Members are rewarded with products based on their data

Beyond demographics, Poshly has attributes across lifestyle, media consumption, routines and activities, brands, physical attributes and more. Based on this data, Poshly delivers relevant products and messaging only to the right consumers.


How Brands Use This Intelligence

|Strategic Insights

Poshly's 15,000,000+ insights are immediate, actionable and always-on. Get the answers to your custom questions in real-time across retail and media, product development, marketing and sales, competitive positioning and more.


|Targeted Promotions

Reprioritize your campaigns to reach the consumers who matter. With each question they answer, members are self-segmenting for your promotions. Poshly's unprecedented attribute-based targeting skyrockets ROI across all of your key metrics.